South Pacific: Update for Yachts Heading to New Zealand

Maritime NZ has provided the latest update for any yachts and small craft planning to return to the country and escape the cyclone season in the South Pacific.

Published 2 years ago

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New Zealand

The New Zealand maritime border remains closed with limited exemptions. See this detailed document by Customs NZ for full details: Guidance for Yacht Arrivals in NZ.

Source:  Maritime New Zealand

We are approaching the time of year when yachts and small craft from the Pacific begin to arrive in New Zealand.

People should plan their journeys so that as much of the isolation period (14 days) as possible can be completed at sea. If the vessel arrives prior to having observed 12 days of isolation, everyone on board will be required to go into a Managed Isolation Facility (MIF) in Auckland.

For those arriving on day 12, the remaining days can be observed on board at Opua port in Northland.

The 14-day self-isolation period begins following the last point of departure or contact the vessel has had with anyone that is not already on board.

A small number of New Zealanders have indicated that they may return home to New Zealand from Australia by yacht and may take passengers on board in order to avoid time in an MIQ facility by serving their 14-day self-isolation period in the Tasman.

It is a breach of New Zealand’s Maritime Transport Act to charge any passengers that may join a vessel for this purpose.

The safety of everyone on board should be top priority. Vessels need to be adequately crewed for the voyage while the vessel and equipment on board must also meet safety standards.

Skippers must comply with Australian Maritime Safety Authority regulations to receive the necessary clearance before departing, such as ensuring passenger numbers comply with the boat’s capacity and safety equipment. Vessels must also comply with any regulations that may apply from the vessel’s country of registration.

Anchoring off the coast of New Zealand is not permitted.

New Zealand Biosecurity and Covid Protocols on Noonsite.

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