Sailing Today Magazine App now FREE

Published 11 years ago, updated 4 years ago

Smartphone and tablet device users will now be able to download the Sailing Today application free of charge. Following an overhaul of Sailing Today’s digital issues system, sailors on mobile and tablet devices who are interested in the popular sail cruising magazine will be able to gain access to the Sailing Today App portal including a free 24-page sample issue.

If sailors like what they see in the free sample issue, downloading any of the previous 25 editions of the magazine are then just a couple of clicks away. The digital edition of Sailing Today sells for £2.99, with multi-buy discounts available such as a bundle of 6 back issues or a 6-month subscription for £13.99, or a 12-month subscription for just £24.99.

For many, this new way of reading their favorite sailing magazine will prove cheaper and much more convenient. For those who have never read a magazine before on a smartphone or tablet PC, the capabilities of these new platforms will be a breath of fresh air. Apart from being able to read the magazine in much the same way as an ordinary paper issue, a smartphone can store thousands of issues inside it for no extra weight or bulk and the issues themselves can include “extras” not available in the paper issues, such as hyperlinks to websites, video content and extra picture galleries. Readers can also now enjoy the magazine on their PC/ Mac via Pocketmags.

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