RCC Pilotage Foundation – New Forum

Published 13 years ago, updated 5 years ago

The RCC Pilotage Foundation website has recently been updated with a new feedback and questions forum [BROKEN LINK].

The RCCPF has always encouraged users of their pilot books and other publications to feedback corrections and other comments to them for incorporation into the regular updates and new editions of the books. The forum is intended to make this process easier and more interactive and to allow people who contribute information to get more immediate and useful feedback.

The forum is at an early stage of development at the moment but the RCCPF hope to incorporate suggestions from users to make it more useful and once it gets used to introduce separate sub-forums for different

They are particularly keen to get information and feedback from sailors in the remoter cruising

The RCCPF have a number of other developments in the pipeline including the development of Kindle versions of their publications which will be available soon.

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