RCC Pilotage Foundation Enhances Search Functionality for Cruising Notes Database

Recent improvements by the Royal Cruising Club Pilotage Foundation to their Cruising Notes Database, makes it much easier for users to access and search this free wealth of invaluable cruising information.

Published 2 years ago

New Logo for RCCPFThe Royal Cruising Club Pilotage Foundation [RCCPF] produce and maintain high quality pilotage information for small boat cruising including information from remote areas of the world where other sources of information are scarce or non-existent. As well as joint publications with Imray, Adlard Coles Nautical and On Board Publications, they also produce a wide range of guides and pilot books where limited demand does not justify large print runs.

The RCCPF website contains a wealth of information and by signing up for free as a “friend of the RCCPF”, you can access and download their range of free publications and subscribe to receive periodic updates and supplements for publications of your choice.

Enhancements to the website’s search mechanism now make it much easier and simpler to search the Foundation’s database.

Gathered from generous-minded yachtsmen and women including members of clubs with whom the Pilotage Foundation shares information, namely the Royal Cruising Club and Ocean Cruising Club, the database includes:

  • RCCPF Publications and Supplements/Corrections – information about the publications they produce relating to a specific area.
  • Cruising Notices – information contributed by the public and members of like-minded organisations with whom they share information.
  • RCC Members Logs – Many of the logs provide extremely valuable pilotage and general information about the areas visited as well as being a very good read.
  • Weather Information – an extensive directory of sources of weather information compiled by RCCPF authors.

Searches can be done by Region or for reports from within a specified distance of an individual place.

Access to all the information is free although the Pilotage Foundation welcomes feedback with corrections and additional information for the database.

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