Papua New Guinea: Visas on arrival suspended during November

For boats planning an arrival in PNG during November, take note that visas will need to be applied for in advance as PNG is suspending visa-on-arrival arrangements during APEC month – the month of November.

Published 5 years ago

For full details on how to apply for a visa in advance see PNG Formalities/Immigration.

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The PNG Immigration and Citizenship Authority said the temporary suspension is part of enhanced border security measures around the APEC Leaders Summit in the middle of next month.

Visas on arrival, or VOA, are usually granted to passport holders from a range of what are deemed “low-risk countries” to travel to PNG.

PNG’s Chief Migration Officer, Solomon Kantha, said suspending this class of visa is a necessary step to ensure the highest levels of security are maintained for APEC.

He said publicizing the suspension can allow genuine travelers and tourists opportunity to secure a visa at one of PNG’s many embassies and foreign missions before they travel to Papua New Guinea.

According to Mr. Kantha, this won’t affect existing reciprocal visa arrangements including organized tourist tour arrangements as travelers are checked and processed in advance.

Visas On Arrival will be reinstated on 1 December.

Mr. Kantha said that in the coming weeks, PNG’s Minister for Immigration and Border Security, Petrus Thomas, would make further announcements regarding border security measures for APEC.

Furthermore, he said the Authority was finalizing the implementation of technology-based solutions that will see PNG access the latest measures to facilitate genuine travelers.

“For the benefit of PNG and our community, it is crucial that our border security capability maintains pace with new technology. In this regard, the Minister has challenged ICA to implement solutions that work effectively and efficiently to deliver border security and traveler facilitation,” Solomon Kantha said.

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