Ocean Crew Link: New Online Directory to connect Boat Owners with Offshore sailing crew.

Published 10 years ago, updated 4 years ago

Specializing purely in ocean sailing opportunities, OceanCrewLink.com is a new online directory of sailors and opportunities, which aims to connect boat owners with the offshore sailing crew.

Developed by World Cruising Club (WCC), the leading Rally organisers wanted a new way for captains and crew to be able to contact each other; somewhere for ocean sailors to meet ocean going captains and provide an easy way for crew and captains to see if they “like the cut of your jib” when judging whether to join a boat or choose a crew member.

OceanCrewLink.com is a database of crew and opportunities – like an index card system. WCC have tried to make it simple, but to include the key questions about experience and abilities, dates and locations that often get left out of online ads. The new website replaces its previous Crewing Opportunities Forum and acts as a store for your sailing resume. As a user, you can opt-in or out of the system without needing to re-enter your data.

Registration is easy and free! Just visit the website at www.oceancrewlink.com and click the registration icon. You will need to add some basic data to your profile before you can view other opportunities or crew in full. Then you can go back when it suits you to add more detail. You can even add a photo! Remember the more detail you add about your own experience, voyage history or skills, the more you will stand out from other sailors.

Visit Ocean Crew Link at www.oceancrewlink.com

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  1. February 18, 2019 at 1:36 AM
    Data Entry2 says:

    Hi Colin. The free registration covers the setting up of a profile and includes the weekly email of all sailing opportunities. Crew wishing to contact boat owners need to pay $10 for a 3-month subscription – this works out at the price of a cup of coffee each month. Hardly excessive.

    This covers the costs of running the website. Boat owners wanting to contact crew don’t need to pay a fee. You would only need to add “your boat” if you are looking for crew. We hope this clarifies matters. Happy Sailing.

  2. February 18, 2019 at 1:35 AM
    Data Entry2 says:

    “registration is easy and free” rubbish, it’s asking me to click a radio button??? and thus I can’t enter my boat. Then I find out you want 10dollars anyway.