Noonsite Book Of The Month: Kids In The Cockpit

Published 17 years ago, updated 4 years ago

Kids In The Cockpit: A Pilot book for safe and happy sailing with children

by Jill Schinas

Published by Adlard Coles Nautical [BROKEN LINK]

ISBN 0713672293

Published 2005

Price: £14.99

This is an extremely useful guide for anyone either considering sailing on a boat with children or already underway. Based on 13 years of research and personal experience, the author explores all aspects of cruising with children from babies to teenagers and includes a great deal of practical information as well as entertaining anecdotes from her own and other families’ sailing experiences.

Chapters include:

  • For Safety’s Sake: detailed information on personal safety, nets, harnesses, lifelines, and lifejackets, as well as how all this will fit into the life of the boat and real-life situations.
  • Ship Shape: considers the design of the yacht, its suitability for family life, comfort and safety – how to toddler-proof your boat! – and what to look out for when sailing with your children on other people’s yachts.
  • Baby On Board: all you need to know about sailing or cruising with a baby/toddler. Includes an invaluable list: fifty things to do with a toddler.
  • Sailing With Children: Midshipmen Or Mutineers: a wealth of information on how to engage older children in the business of sailing so they find it exciting and worthwhile.

There are also chapters on dinghies, seasickness and finally, how to prepare for long-term cruising, school on board, and the issue of when and how to re-integrate back into life on land.

This reviewer would certainly recommend this book to anyone unsure as to whether they could cope with having their children onboard a sailing yacht, and it would be of as much use for day-sailors as well as those planning a circumnavigation. Its particular strengths are on the safety issues, making a boat child-friendly, and ideas for entertainment at sea and in port. There is less detail on onboard education, but enough information is given for parents’ further research, including useful web links.

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