Niue: Mooring Field Closed for One Week

With the arrival of World ARC in Niue this month, the Niue Yacht Club is having to close its mooring field for a week from Tuesday 23rd May until Tuesday 30th May.

Published 3 weeks ago

“NYC apologises for any possible inconvenience and at such short notice as we have never been in this position before,” said Keith Vial, Niue Yacht Club’s acting Commodore.

“With three years of inactivity through COVID,  the club lost six of our previous mooring blocks through storms.  That combined with supply chain issues and delays means we are behind schedule reinstating our 20 mooring capacity.”

Niue’s mooring field.

“As there are no other anchorage options around the island of Niue, we are asking cruising yachts who may be planning to visit to please come outside of these dates.”

Keith said the club’s new pre-booking system for moorings is almost in place and a website link and more information would soon be available.

“The new system will allow more certainty of a moorings being available, with essential documents sent electronically and online payment being made for “x” nights. This should also expedite arrival procedures here.

“Please bear with us while we endeavour to keep OUR heads above water.”

Keith Vial ( Commodore – acting) and Terry Coe (Founding member 1981)


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  1. May 15, 2023 at 10:04 PM
    profile photo
    Keith Vial says:

    Thank you to all cruisers intendng to visit Niue. Until our online mooring system is up and running, we invite you to just come in over the horizon and hopefully there will be a moorng avilable for you. As noted in the news article, we can’t offer a mooring from 24th May – 30th May. However, outside these dates, simply call Niue Radio on Ch 16, and they will take your details and follow up with Customs for a clearance time. On arrival, please stay on your vessel until contacted by the officials.
    We look forward to welcoming you to Niue.
    Fair winds
    Keith (Commodore NYC)

  2. May 15, 2023 at 9:56 PM
    profile photo
    Keith Vial says:

    FAD positions on approaching Niue

    Alofi Nth.
    Long. 169°55.229296 W
    Lat. 19°02.326004 S

    Alofi Sth.
    Long 169°55.592968 W
    Lat. 19°03.244836 S

    Allow for a 500 metre swing radius

    Niue Yacht Club