Kannad Marine issues SAFELINK EPIRB recall

Kannad Marine issued a recall for all SAFELINK EPIRB’s Monday, April 25, 2016, due to a possible defect that could result in the beacon not operating in emergency situations.

Published 8 years ago, updated 5 years ago

The following news story courtesy of http://coastguardnews.com/coast-guard-notifies-public-of-urgent-marine-safety-alert-epirb-recall/2016/04/26/ – alerted by the Caribbean Safety & Security Net [BROKEN LINK]

The SAFELINK EPIRB’s yellow body plastic may prematurely age when subjected to specific environmental conditions, which has the potential to impact its long term effectiveness in the field.

The Coast Guard strongly recommends that if you own or use a SAFELINK EPIRB automatic or manual model, you should NOT use it as a primary search and rescue beacon on board your vessel and to seek replacement devices as soon as possible.

Parts No. Affected

  • K1202311 EPIRB SAFELINK Manual+ GPS All Dates
  • K120202367 EPIRB SAFELINK Auto GPS All Dates

Kannad recommends that all owners of SAFELINK EPIRB’s register their ownership, location and contact details via the dedicated website in order to order a replacement:


The website will first ask you to enter your SAFELINK EPIRB’s CSN number which is located on the EPIRB’s label. (See image below.) Once the CSN is entered an additional webpage will open where more detailed owner information is entered to arrange provision of a replacement EPIRB.

Once registered, Kannad Marine Support team will direct you to your local partner to arrange a replacement of your beacon with a Kannad Sport Pro+ Auto or Manual, with a five-year warranty, free of charge.

For any further information, please contact Kannad Marine using one of the methods:

Web: www.safelinkepirbsupport.co.uk

Email: [email protected]

UK Tel: +44 (0) 2392 623950

France Tel: +33 (0) 29702 4931

USA Tel: +1 (800) 262 8722

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