Information for Yachts Planning to Transit the Red Sea

Published 14 years ago, updated 4 years ago

Gulf of Aden – Maritime Security Patrol Area

A Maritime Security Patrol Area (MSPA) has been established to provide a route through the Gulf of Aden which will be patrolled by Combined Task Force (CTF) 150. Whilst it cannot guarantee that attacks will not happen, it is hoped that 150 assets will be able to respond faster to any attacks and the patrols will act as a deterrent.

Coordinates of the Security Corridor in the Gulf of Aden are as follows:

Waypoint: 12 15N 045E;

Waypoint: 12 35N 045E;

Waypoint: 13 35N 049E;

Waypoint: 13 40N 049E;

Waypoint: 14 10N 050E;

Waypoint: 14 15N 050E;

Waypoint: 14 35N 053E;

Waypoint: 14 45N 053E.

The way the patrols are set up on the corridor is that each ship is given a sector that they are responsible for. So along the entire route there are warships patrolling. If yachts stay in the corridor or to the north, depending how they have to sail with the wind, they stand the best chance of being nearby a warship or the Yemeni Coastguard (who have been quite effective as well). As far as a routine convoy, unfortunately that is not being done yet. There has been some call for that and hopefully that will come to reality.

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