Greece, SW: High risk for major waves and dangerous severe winds this weekend

The long Summer has lasted far into September in the Southern Mediterranean, however, all that is about to end with the arrival of a Medicane tonight.

Published 6 years ago, updated 5 years ago

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As reported by Severe Weather Europe

Medicane: Mediterranean tropical-like cyclones

Southwestern Greece will be in the high-risk zone for dangerous weather associated with the Medicane today and tomorrow. The Medicane is expected to mature this afternoon and should reach its peak intensity overnight and tomorrow morning, Saturday, Sept 29th. It will then track towards southern Greece and bring major waves in addition to severe to extremely severe winds.

Waves could reach 10-15 m maximum height in some areas and develop a life-threatening weather situation along the coastal areas of west and north Crete, south Peloponnese and many islands across the Cyclades as well.

Graphics for peak wind gusts through Saturday, valid from midday until late evening, zoomed into Greece, Cyclades islands and the Aegean sea can be found here.

Medicanes. Mediterranean tropical-like cyclones – what are they?

They are cyclones with subtropical and tropical characteristics, that form in the Mediterranean. They can produce severe winds and torrential rainfall. Similar to tropical cyclones, medicanes are warm core systems, they often closely resemble tropical cyclones in satellite images. Well developed medicanes have tropical characteristics, with clear circular eyes, surrounded by an eyewall and (axisymmetric) cloud pattern. Medicanes typically reach gale to storm force strength, however, the strongest have even reached hurricane strength and thus pose very significant severe wind threat. As they also result in torrential rainfall, they produce major floods in affected areas. Tropical-like storms or cyclones / medicanes are an annual occurrence, appearing on average 1-2 times each year.

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