Greece: Cruising Tax Update

By Cruising Association —Mar 19, 2019 08:59 AM

After much talk of this new tax due to come into force in January 2014, it still has not been signed off by the Greek Ministries of Shipping and Finance. Quite possibly, it never will . . .

Published 5 years ago

Greece Cruising Tax Concessions

Update March, 2019

This report is no longer accurate – see Greece: New Cruising Tax – 19 days and counting ….. (March 14th, 2019)

Update October, 2018

Following a season of positive reports from cruisers in Greece and no one remotely indicating that the dreaded “cruising tax” has been introduced, noonsite got in touch with the Cruising Association who have been working hard to improve conditions for international cruisers in Greece. Christopher Robb of the CA reported;

“As yet there is no news on the proposed tax.  There are no rumours other than the Ministry of Shipping don’t want it, as they will have to collect it through the Port Police. It is known that they are not happy to do it. As soon as any news is heard we will pass it on, but for the moment, perhaps no news is good news.”

Reported April, 2018

This new tax due to come into force in January 2014, whilst signed into law, is still waiting to be signed off by the Greek Ministries of Shipping and Finance. Good News just in from the Cruising Association is that it appears it won’t be levied this year, saving many of you Greek cruisers over 1000 Euros (at least for 2018!).

Proposed Circulation Tax / Cruising Tax

This new tax, originally called TPP now called TEPAI, was due to come into force in January 2014, introduced to impose a new duty on all private and commercial craft using Greek waters. However the system of paying the tax was never properly introduced (quite likely because the Port Police refused to do the significant work required in collecting it). It was written into Greek law in August 2016 however was never signed off. 

2018 sees a new amended bill called the TEPAI which has also been signed into law (as was the TPP), but the ministries of shipping and finance have yet to sign it off – it was due to be signed in January 2018.

Thankfully it appears, yet again, that the tax won’t be levied this year (possibly for the same reasons as previously), so cruisers heading to Greece, and those currently there, can breathe a sigh of relief – for now. 

For more information about this new tax see the CA’s explanation below:

Source: Shipping Ministry Verbal explanation.

The Law on the Cruising Tax (TEPAI) has been gazetted. The Ministries of Finance and Shipping now have to agree the implementation plans, which were published during January 2018. This means that it looks like this tax will happen and affect us all.

As yet the law is not yet signed off – we have no idea why not.

The Rates published in the Law are: in Euros

Length Meters

Monthly Charge  €

6 months

12 months

less discount 


Annual charge

7 to 8 meters







8 to 10







10 to 12







Over 12 meters 

At €8/meter 

12.01 meters







13 meters







14 meters







15 meters







KEY POINTS ON THE TAX – Subject to confirmation.

  • The DEKPA will become the recording document of your compliance with the new TAX. Make sure you have it and the tax receipt attached to the DEKPA when on the water.
  • The Tax will be paid monthly and run from the Payment Date.
    Latest contact with the Ministry says Tax is strictly Monthly, i.e. launch on 27th May, and sail till June 30th Is TWO months Tax.  This is at odds with the Law, so we hope common sense with prevail eventually.
  • You will be able to pay for several continuous months tax at one time.
  • Annual payments to qualify for a 10% discount run January to December – so will not be used by many.
  • Out of Use will apply to boats out of the water AND we now understand, also to those in the water in a marina.  We do NOT know yet what proof will be needed.
    Latest understanding is “Out of Use” whether in or out of the water, will require your ships papers to be lodged with the Port Police and withdrawn when starting to sail again.  Similar in effect to putting a boat in customs bond.
  • Payment: We understand payment will be made in the same way as that used for obtaining the new DEKPA in 2017 – a visit to the local bank – pay your dues (in cash) and take your receipt to the Port Police.

The CA is working hard to confirm these details and to improve the conditions. such as increasing the annual discount to 30% and apply tax from the date of payment. Updates will be issued on our website and to anyone interested in being kept up to date (see below).

WARNING – do not yet take these points as gospel.

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  1. April 26, 2019 at 8:27 AM
    Lynda Lim says:

    Mar 18, 2019 12:08 PM

    Hello, I checkt with the port authority in Leros Marina and I received the following information which may be helpful to shed a light on the current situation for owners who have their yachts in greek waters but are currently elsewhere
    Dear Mr. Spanhaak,

    Kindly note that the only information we have until now is that the tax will be applied from April this year, but only for the period that a boat is sailing.
    That means that all boats that are on the dry dock or in the water but not sailing, won’t pay the tax but will have to handle the DEKPA and the official registration to the port authorities.
    Where and when you will pay is not clear yet.

    Remaining at your disposal.

    Kind regards,