French Polynesia, Bora Bora: New Anchoring Restrictions for 2019

New legislation has been introduced to restrict anchoring inside Bora Bora Island in order to protect the environment and ensure the peaceful coexistence of all users of the waterways.

Published 5 years ago

Translated from this French Voiliers Association report with assistance from Chuck Houlihan on SV Jacaranda, Price and Gail (Benny) Powell.

Government officials in French Polynesia have finalized the new restrictions being put in place in 2019 for regulating the mooring of vessels in the internal waters of Bora Bora Island.

These restrictions have been put in place in order to protect the environment and the safe navigation of boat traffic in the lagoon. The new restrictions will also assist in maintaining the harmonious coexistence of users in the public maritime domain.

The Bora Bora lagoon has been divided into authorized zoned anchorage areas with specific restrictions applying to each.

The anchorage areas are allocated to vessels based on the length of the vessel, with different areas for vessels under 20m in length and vessels over 20m. Vessels are now required to declare their arrival by VHF, phone, fax, or email to the authorized manager responsible for the desired anchorage to gain approval for anchoring. Strict rules have also been put into place regarding navigation and water sport activities within designated anchorages and discharge of wastewater.

Recent reports from cruisers suggest that new rules are not yet being enforced.

For detailed information about the designated anchorages in Bora Bora, rules and restrictions please see this noonsite report.

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