Canary Islands: How to Book a Berth in Government Harbors

Following a number of incidents when cruising boats have been unable to successfully gain entry to harbors in the Canaries, Oliver Solanas Heinrichs – founder of and representative for a number of cruising associations in the Canaries – has sent some useful guidelines.

Published 2 years ago

Gran Tajal Marina, Fuerteventura


We do not recommend sailors try to book berths through “reservation/booking platforms”.

These booking platforms – a lot of the time – are not updated, in this case, all vessels are being diverted to Gran Canaria directly.

Yesterday friends were advised that a booking was not possible in Fuerteventura stating that the marina was fully booked. I knew that there was a lot of space available and contacted the marina authorities directly, who confirmed that there was space and our friends were given a berth.

In Puerto Rosario, the capital of Fuerteventura, you can now find new pontoons with electricity, water, security and a fuel station. It can take any draft or size of boat and the approximate price of the marina is 13€ ( yes 13 euros ) for a 38ft boat. Call them on approach on Channel 09.

This marina belongs to Puertos del Estado, the Spanish government, the same as in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. It’s a perfect place to stop as the marina is in the middle of town just a 5 minute walk from a supermarket and shopping mall and 10 minutes from the airport. 

If you stay only 1 day, the marina police will deal with the paperwork. If you stay longer, you are advised to go to the harbor office, on the other side of the marina ( north ).

As said, for bookings send an email to [email protected]

Corralejo in the north, and Morro Jable in the south are most of the time full, and Gran Tarajal would be your next stop sailing south. There is almost always space there and the friendly security staff will guide you in.

the volcanic island with black soil and a man made harbour in the foreground
The Island of La Graciosa

Other Canarian Harbors belonging to the Canarian Government:

Following an incident in La Graciosa (north of Lanzarote) – belonging to Puertos Canarios – where a Polish Catamaran was refused entry and ended up on the rocks with its 2 senior crew members, many sailors are sceptic about entering these harbors.

Anavre [], the Spanish Cruising association, has been advised and they are dealing with this.

Many sailors have reported to us that booking a berth at these harbors is senseless, as most of the time they don’t get a reply or finally get an answer when they have already left. The new app for booking a berth, also seems of no use. But there is a reason behind this.

Harbor officials only work from Monday to Friday, 0800 to 1500, and the rest of the time the marina is managed by the security staff. Most security staff don’t have access to the app, so it’s like a lottery. Most of the time you will come across friendly staff that welcome you, others will ask you for a booking, and others will just refuse entry with no apparent reason.

But, maybe you are the lucky one that entered on Friday afternoon and left on Sunday and just got a friendly smile from the security staff.

Their website is, where you can also download the app.

You can also send an email to [email protected]

Make sure that no one other than the owner fills in the request because otherwise they reject the entire form and will not contact you to tell you.

Oliver Solanas Heinrichs
[email protected]
8islas Group was founded in 2013 as an aid to Bluewater sailors that arrive in the Canary Islands. 


The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not reflect the view of or World Cruising Club.

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  1. October 20, 2021 at 9:42 AM
    profile photo
    sue-richards says:

    Email received from

    We are in the Canary Islands at the moment.
    It is really, really busy! This season, besides the triple ARC and the Viking Explorers there are Catamaran-races on Tenerife so Tenerife is full and Lanzarote is moaning under all visiting boats, but Fuertaventura, La Gomera and El Hierro seem to be ok for finding berths. The app of Navily gives nice updates on anchoring possibilities, too.

    We were happy to find the information by Heinrich Solanas on noonsite

    An update:

    Puertoscanarios: troublesome indeed.

    We sent a request on Saturday and they replied Monday before 13:00, with detailed questions on the information provided. So we replied and the answer came on Tuesday, 10:00. Our request had been ‘archived’ because I had filled in the form, not Peter. So please make sure that no one other than the owner fills in the request because otherwise they reject the entire form, which was a lot of work.

    We decided to skip Tenerife so we don’t know if it would have been worth going through all the paperwork otherwise.

    The e-mail address mentioned for Fuertaventura is not correct. It should be: [email protected]

    But with this address, they replied promptly: they do not take reservations. But they did say that for a boat of our dimensions there is usually not a problem and they sent us the prices for a 10 x 4 boat: 17 Euros per night excluding taxes.

    Kindest regards,