Canada: Salish Sea Pilot Guides for 2021

Salish Sea Pilot’s family of cruising guides has grown to seven with the addition of the West Coast of Vancouver Island to their 2021 ebook package. The Salish Sea is a marginal sea of the Pacific Ocean located in the Canadian province of British Columbia and the U.S. state of Washington, and offers great cruising.

Published 2 years ago

Picture of a Chartlet for the Nahwitti Bar from Salish Sea Pilot’s cruising guide to the West Coast of Vancouver Island.
An example of a Chartlet from Salish Sea Pilot’s cruising guide to the West Coast of Vancouver Island, showing the Nahwitti Bar.

The new guide, covering the island’s west coast inlets and sounds, joins the Broughton Archipelago, Desolation Sound, Sunshine Coast, Gulf Islands, San Juan Islands and Puget Sound in the lineup.

“It’s so easy and affordable to cruise the west coast of Vancouver Island,” said Lynne Picard of Salish Sea Pilot. “You just need a bit more time, so you are not sailing to a schedule.”

Picard and her husband Jim Burgoyne started Salish Sea Pilot in 2011 after sailing home from Southeast Asia. 

“We hope the new guide will encourage boaters to visit the lovely cruising areas of Vancouver Island West,” she said.

The couple presented a webinar at the 2021 Vancouver Virtual Boat Show about cruising the West Coast of Vancouver Island. A link to the webinar can be found at their website, where there are also videos and information about installing and using the guides.

The fully interactive 2021 electronic guides have been completely updated with the latest prices, facilities and services available at marinas in the Salish Sea and beyond. 

“It will take someone cleverer than us to get rich creating boating guides of the Salish Sea,” Burgoyne said, noting the cruising market in BC and Washington state is relatively small.

But, he added, one thing he and Picard have done right was to create a “Supporter Price” for their guides. Anyone who purchases a complete set of guides becomes a Supporter, entitled to upgrade to an updated and expanded package any time in the future for less than half the regular price.

“The folks who use our guides have become family,” Burgoyne said. “Their support inspires us to keep expanding and improving the guides.”

The guides are designed to work best with touchscreen devices such as iPads and Android tablets, but they are also compatible with Windows and Mac computers and iOS and Android smartphones, he said. Buyers can install them on every device they own, so they are never farther away than a purse or pocket.

“The real beauty of electronic guides is that they can be updated and uploaded to our servers in minutes,’’ said Picard. “We don’t have to schedule printers and then ship books to retailers which can take months.”

Once downloaded, the guides are independent, Picard said, with no need for WiFi or cell connections to operate.

The guides can be purchased and downloaded from

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