CSSN Annual Report 2017 Reported Yacht Crime – Caribbean

The Caribbean Safety & Security Net was started by cruisers 18 years ago. It is an all-volunteer, independent, self funded team of volunteers dedicated to maintaining a centralised data source, collecting and disseminating accurate current and historic information about safety and security issues that affect yachts in the Caribbean.

Published 6 years ago, updated 5 years ago

CSSN Annual Report 2017

With the devastating backdrop of hurricanes Irma and Marie, total reported incidents in 2017 were essentially unchanged from 2016 (90/88). There were some significant shifts and changes in the incidents themselves.

The annual report provides a good overview and some detail, and links embedded in it will take readers to the specific details.

CSSN has worked hard to greatly improve all that they do for the cruising community, and noonsite has worked closely with them over the years, sharing information to ensure the Caribbean cruising community receives the best quality reports in a timely way. The increase in reports received last year shows that cruisers are beginning to understand how important it is for them to bring their information about incidents (and cruising in general) forward, so it can be widely shared for maximum benefit.


CSSN recently launched the Caribbean-wide Zoom-Tap, Know & Go infographics, which allow users to navigate and review incident details using the familiar Google maps interface. This is a simple and easy way to research typical “hot spots” for the area you are planning to visit in the Caribbean.

If you are a victim, complete CSSN’s simple online incident report, or contact KPK during the daily HF broadcast (SSB 8104 kHz at 12:15 UTC). If you hear about an incident, encourage the victims to make a direct first-person report to CSSN, or, make a report yourself.

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