Since Autumn 2012 we have been working to update and improve the way works and add features to “modernise” the site and enhance the benefits to the global community of sailors we serve.

Have your say

The latest new feature is noonsite comments, giving users the ability to comment directly on any news, cruising reports or port information published on the site. So if you have had an experience you want to share with other cruisers; found a great service company; want to talk about a marina or anchorage you have used, or simply let us know that the information you found was useful and any updates, then noonsite comments is the perfect way to pass on your knowledge.

Comments are limited, so if you have more to say than a paragraph or two, we can publish your feedback as a cruising report. Simply e-mail the noonsite team at [email protected]

How to add comments

To add a comment, you must be logged in to the site as a user (top right of screen). This helps us prevent junk posting and builds an ever closer community of cruisers.

Simply go to the port or country page you want to comment on, and via the hamburger menu select “comments”. Then it’s a simple mater of typing what you want to say in the box and clicking “comment”. Your feedback will go live immediately.

If you want to comment on a news item or report – scroll down to the bottom to find the comment box.

Latest news and updates

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