Mosquitos: Chikungunya and Lysine

This feedback is untested and unsubstantiated and cruisers should always seek advice from a qualified physician.
As reported by Persephone: Over the counter, L-lysine is only an amino acid but works by not allowing the virus to multiply. It works best in the first 6 hours preferably on an empty stomach. Dose: 1000mg for average people, 1500 for heavier, for the first day. Swallow with 2 glasses of water, wait 2 hours before eating. Every 24 hours 1000mg on an empty stomach, 2 glasses of water, wait 2 hours to eat. With the 20 people I have personally given Lysine to here in the DR, results have varied to feeling the effects from 45 mins to 6-8 hours… what has been common and most important to all the people is the symptoms stopped advancing. Most got better within 8 hours but not completely. People who were in full-blown symptoms, some reported getting halfway better within 12 hours, not completely, but the suffering was cut considerably. The most important thing to remember is the earlier you feel the symptoms, the earlier you take the pill the better. Read more about the symptoms of Chikungunya at the above link.

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