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Whilst noonsite continues to be a free resource with no log-in required, there are some ways you can get more involved with the site:

Register with noonsite: This is quick and simple to set-up. Being registered means you can contribute comments to all ports, countries, and reports on noonsite. A simple way to pass on quick recommendations, comment on service done on your boat or feedback any new port information you have encountered. Please remember that comments are moderated and may take up to a few days to be approved if there is a backlog. Please keep comments short.

E-mail us with updates and reports: Those of you with more detailed updates for noonsite (i.e. more than just a paragraph which is suitable to post as a comment, such as cruising reports or stories) can still pass these on to the noonsite team at [email protected]. Try to include as much information as you can about places visited, routes taken, contact details etc. and don’t forget to send us a photo or two as well. Remember to include your full name, boat name, and nationality. All contributions will be personally acknowledged. This e-mail address can also be used for any questions you need to be answered too.

You can also report updates, news or corrections by clicking the “contact” link at the foot of any page you wish to comment on.

Follow us on Twitter: Now with well over 1000 followers (@NoonsiteEditor) is the perfect way to receive notice of site updates, new info. as it is added, news relevant to cruising sailors and any useful articles we want to share with our followers. A great way to get easy access to what’s going on in the cruising world.

Get involved with our Forums at you will find 3 cruising forums; Weather & Routing, Convoys & Cruising in Company and the Cockpit Locker (for buying and selling 2nd hand boat equipment).

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