First Aid Kit

A basic first aid kit should include the following:

Cotton wool and sterile gauze

Waterproof adhesive dressings in various sizes

Butterfly sutures, Steristrips or plasters that pull the edges of a cut together

Sticking plaster, bandages and crepe bandages for sprains

Special, non-stick sterile dressings for burns

Small scissors, tweezers, safety pins

Clinical thermometer

Disposable needles and syringes (5 ml is the most useful size)

Sterile needles with sutures for stitching

Skin disinfectant e.g. cetrimide, chlorhexidine or iodine tincture

It is advisable to carry disposable syringes and needles in case one needs to have an injection in countries which do not use disposables, as the risk of a serious infection, hepatitis or AIDS, from improperly sterilized or shared needles and syringes is considerable.

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