First Aid: Creating a Customised Medical Kit

This article from Practical Sailor gives some down-to-earth advice on creating a medical kit that hopefully you may never need to use.

Practical Sailor:  Creating a Custom Medical Kit

Sailors know the most about the things we use the most. We check our amp hours every day, our standing rigging frequently, our sails every time they’re up, the anchor shackle before settling in for the night. After all, these are the things that keep us comfortable and safe on a daily basis.

The corollary is that we know the least about the things we use the least. How often do we check the chain on the backup anchor, the lines on the drogue, the clew of the storm sail? After all, its human nature to not think about things we hope we never have to use.

First-aid kits fall into the hope-we-never-have-to-use-it category. Lucky sailors go an entire cruise or summer without even having to remember where it is. The rest of us dig it out from time to time, and then wonder why there’s so little in it or why there’s so much of stuff we’ve never used.

Create a useful and necessary medical kit of your own with these tips from Practical Sailor.

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