Environmental Protection in the Caribbean (EPIC)

EPIC – Environmental Protection in the Caribbean

EPIC unites organizations to protect wildlife and habitat while working to improve the lives of people.

Founded in 2000, this non-profit organization helps protect the Caribbean environment through research and community-based action called S.E.A.S. (Science, Education, Advocacy and Stewardship).

Over the last 20+ years, EPIC has worked tirelessly across nearly every island in the Caribbean to answer vital ecological questions and fill critical knowledge gaps about nature and people and how to live sustainably so that both can thrive.

What started as a two-person operation has grown to a team of hardworking staff and volunteers, hailing from local and international communities worldwide. Their grassroots approach to environmental protection enables people of all backgrounds to engage in conservation work.

Anyone can get involved by volunteering, internships, or donations.


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