Cruising VHF Nets Caribbean

Antigua, Jolly Harbour: 0830 hours, on Ch 74 Monday through Saturday

Antigua, English, and Falmouth Harbours: 0900 hours, Ch 06 daily

Antigua Carlisle Bay – 0900 hours, Ch 72

Bahamas, Nassau – 0715 hours, Ch 14

Bequia – 0800 hours, Ch 68 daily

Bonaire – 0800 hours, Ch 77 Mondays only (more volunteers would mean additional net days)

Carriacou – 0730 hours, Ch 69, Mon-Wed-Fri

Carriacou – German Net – 0830 hours,  Ch 71

Colombia Cartagena – 0900 hours, Ch 71

Curacao Cruiser Net – 0745 hours on Channel 72, Monday to Saturday.

Dominican Republic, Luperón: 0800 hours every Sunday and Wednesday, announced on Ch 68 then switch to Ch 72. On Sundays, 0900 hours, Ch 72.

Dominica, Portsmouth: 0730 hours, Ch 72 daily (depending on the number of yachts present)

Grenada: 0730 hours, Ch 66 (International duplex mode) Monday through Saturday
Note: If the 66 repeater is unavailable then listen on the alternate Ch 72 for this net. Please use your radio’s high 25-watt power setting for this net.

Honduras, Roatan, Fantasy Island Net: 0800 hours, Ch 71 Monday through Saturday

Martinique Cruiser Net (in English) operates at 08:30 on Tuesday and Friday, VHF channel 08. Covers St. Anne/Le Marin, as far as Fort-de-France.

Northwest Caribbean Net, 1400 UTC 6209 USB, alternates 6212 and 6516, 7 days/wk. Generally covers Providencia north to Mexico on the Carib side, including Providencia, San Andreas, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica, and the Caymans. They often follow boats all the way home to Key West through Galveston on the US coast, and sometimes boats heading south will continue to check in down to Panama, but not often.

Panama, Bocas Del Toro Emergency Net: 0745 hours, Ch 68, Monday through Saturday

Panama Colon (from SBM) – 0730 hours, Ch. 77 daily

Panama, Shelter Bay marina: 0730 hours, Ch 77 daily

Panama, Vista Mar marina: 0830 hours, Ch 74 daily

Rio Dulce: 0730 hours, Ch 69, Monday through Saturday

St, Lucia, Rodney Bay: 0800 hours, Ch 69, Monday through Saturday

St. Martin/Maarten: 0730 hours, Ch 10, Monday through Saturday. (Shrimpy has been running this net for 17+ years!)

Trinidad – Chaguaramus – 0800 hours, Ch 68, daily

US Virgin Islands, Leinster Bay Morning Radio Net – 8:20 AM on channel 68. The net provides weather, announcements, requests for the relay, and a daily fun fact about the Virgin Islands National Park.

Venezuela – Puerto de La Cruz – 0745 hours, Ch. 72 as available

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  1. January 5, 2024 at 1:24 PM
    SV Incognito says:

    The Jolly Harbour net is at 8:30 on ch 74.

    1. January 9, 2024 at 9:34 AM
      profile photo
      Sue Richards says:

      Thanks so much for the updated info. we’ll amend the details on Noonsite.

  2. December 20, 2023 at 1:14 PM
    nikkibaz says:

    The English and Falmouth Harbour net is happening at 0830 on channel 72

    1. December 21, 2023 at 4:33 PM
      profile photo
      Sue Richards says:

      Thanks Nikki for that info.