Family Blog: Coconuts Sailing the World – 100% Green

Jay, Natasha, Sol, Luna, Caribe & Ártico are a nomadic family of 6 travelling the world aboard their race boat Messenger (a 1-ton IOR German Frers custom 80’s design). Captain Jay has been living, working and travelling by sea for 10 years and 6 years ago Natasha and her 2 young daughters became permanent stow-aways when he sailed by their home country Costa Rica.

Since then they have added 2 more to the crew, one born onboard in Martinique and the other near the Arctic circle in Iceland. Jay began from San Francisco and sailed throughout the Pacific single handed on an engineless vessel, and together with his family has sailed throughout the Caribbean, North Atlantic, Arctic circle, North Sea and currently they are in Europe. All their cruising has been 100% Green-sailing, both their sailboat and dinghy have been engine-less all these years.

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