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The eastern Caribbean’s SSB net which runs throughout the Caribbean Season.

Normally this net starts around the second week of November.

The Net operates Monday through Saturday at 8:00am AST (-4GMT) on 4.060 MHz.

What is the Net for? 

  • Check-in with any safety or security issues
  • Check-in with your location or underway position
  • Find out local activities or conditions
  • Requests to contact other cruisers
  • General questions and advice.

In cooperation with SSB station KPK, the Coconut Net Controller will check in on that net at 8:15. KPK operates daily as part of the SSCA and the Caribbean Safety and Security Net on 8.104mHz. KPK handles traffic from all the Caribbean.

The Coconut Telegraph can always use volunteer net controllers so if you would like to be one just call in and volunteer for one day a week.

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