USA: Atlantic ICW Cockpit Quick Reference

The ICW quick reference isn’t a cruising guide, but rather a supplement to one. It’s designed to kept in the cockpit and quickly answer questions you have during a day’s run:

  • What’s the name of this bridge, is there a schedule for it, and what channel do I call it on?
  • Should I stop at this anchorage or is there another one in the next hour or two?
  • Where’s the next fuel/water/pumpout stop?
  • Which side of this dredge do I go on?
  • We need an emergency haulout. Where’s the nearest place?

Each type of information – all-weather inlets, anchorages, free docks, bridges and locks, services (diesel, gas, water, pumpouts, and propane), nav alerts, haulouts, dredging, and horns – has its own section, and then items are listed by mile marker making it easy to quickly find the answer to your question. No more having to read through everything to find just the one thing you need!

It’s printed on waterproof paper so rain and spray won’t hurt it in the cockpit and a spiral binding ensures it lays flat, open to the page you’re using. A bonus of the waterproof paper is that you can write on pages with a dry erase marker (say to check off bridges when you have several in a day) and then wipe off those marks for the next trip.

Date First Available: August 17, 2021

Manufacturer: The Boat Galley, LLC

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