The Capable Cruiser

The Capable Cruiser by Lyn and Larry Pardey, was expanded and revised in 2010.

Carrying on from their book The Self-Sufficient Sailor, this book gives more emphasis on seamanship underway, including careful analysis of extreme anchoring situations and solutions for mitigating them.

It also includes 10 completely new chapters with such advice as: 16 ways to encourage your lover (partner) to share your dream; strategies for turning sudden engine failure into a minor incident; choosing safety equipment and repairing rigging at sea.

When it comes to the subject of capable cruising; the Pardeys have literally and figuratively written the book on it. The lessons they’ve learned after tens of thousands of miles at sea are hard-earned, clearly imparted, and totally invaluable. –Herb McCormick, editor-at-large, Cruising World Magazine.

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