Interior Waypoints: Sailing to Colombia

Interior Waypoints is an absorbing exploration of the more remote parts of Central and South America by boat and foot.

By Scott Burbank

This book is Scott’s story as he sails from Florida to Colombia, single-handed, meeting up with his wife Susan Aramovich from time-to-time as she land travels in tandem with Scott.

It is a detailed immersion in sailing in the NW Caribbean – including challenges faced when sailing single-handed, the nature of offshore passages in this part of the world, liveaboard life and the beauty of having foldable kayaks on board – as well as a wonderful insight into the land exploration that can be enjoyed while cruising this coast.

Scott dedicates the book to his wife, and it is indeed in part a romantic journey for him, where he discusses the dynamics within his marriage and how he and his wife find personal fulfilment through their independent travel. “Marriages start off with two distinct personalities, but as the years progress the two lines blur and evolve into one entity. The purpose of this expedition across Central America was to restore independence without destroying the union.”

For many couples living on board Scott and Susan’s emotional journey will be of interest, but that aside this is also an inspiring book from a travel perspective. Sailing, kayaking and hiking, together and apart, set a pattern of seasonal adventures over six years as they explored Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Ecuador and finally Colombia.

The real-life story demonstrates that land travel and yacht travel marry well together and are achievable with minimum of stress, plus that a couple (one who loves to sail and the other not so much) can easily both get the exploring fix they need with a little bit of compromise.

“To hand, reef and steer, is to be a sailor; to be a sailor is to be a traveler. The cruising lifestyle is not all about the management of a yacht. The intercourse between sailors and the people encountered on the journey is a means to enormous gratification and personal fulfillment. Whoever billets aboard a foreign-bound vessel should keep in mind that they are sailing as ambassadors and must maintain a discreet sensitivity during cultural exchanges.”

Scott Burbank and his wife Susan Aramovich have lived in Homer, Alaska, for 43 years, where they operated an outdoor adventure company for several decades. Due to the seasonal nature of their outdoor business, they can take several months each year for their own explorations.

Their fascination with Colombia began in 2022 when they decided to dedicate more time to traveling independently, coming together on board their yacht “Sirena” for joint adventures as Scott sailed from Florida to Colombia.

Today they divide their time between Alaska and Colombia, “a country with a great deal of natural beauty and the loveliest of people” Scott comments.

Interior Waypoints
Scott Burbank
Independent Publication available in Kindle and Paperback.

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