How to Battle Seasickness: 100 Tips to Help You Get Your Sea Legs

Michelle Segrest has experienced epic battles with seasickness while sailing the world on a 43-foot steel ketch with only a two-person crew. She has learned that beginners are not the only ones who suffer from the phenomenon. Since the beginning of time, humans have battled their way through seasickness—even experienced captains and seasoned sailors. With a small crew and passages that often extend for weeks, it is important to learn how to function and fight your way through the incredibly uncomfortable symptoms and effects of seasickness.

In this book, Michelle combines exhaustive research with a few of her own grueling experiences. Most important, she offers 100 proven tips to help you understand the phenomenon, prevent it, and battle your way through it. Some of these methods are pharmaceutical, some are natural, some are psychological. She includes advice from doctors, sailors, mariners, fishermen, and seasoned boat captains in addition to her advice after trying possibly every so-called remedy herself.

You don’t have to be sailing offshore blue waters in a small sailboat to benefit from the knowledge shared in this book. These tips will help you whether you are in a sailboat, motorboat, fishing boat, kayak, canoe, car, airplane, space ship, or cruise ship.

There is no cure for seasickness. However, this book will help you find your sea legs and battle your way through it.

By: Michelle Segrest

Publisher: ‎ Navigate Content, Inc. (April 14, 2021)

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