Fare du Ghoubet Bay

Reported by SV Anthem October 2019: Our favorite anchorage in Lake Ghoubet in the East corner of Fare du Ghoubet Bay, which is a bit like a gorge with volcanic walls, peaceful and stunning surroundings.

Commonly around the Gulf of Tadjourah and inside Ghoubet Al Khareb (Lake Ghoubet), anchorages can be deep with a depth of 20-25 m. The charts are fairly accurate geographically but not depth-wise. Bottom conditions vary between a sandy bottom, rock, and mud.

The entry to Lake Ghoubet (Petite Pass) is narrow but deep and flushed with strong tidal currents that can reach up to 7 knots. Whirlpools make for an interesting phenomenon.
We dove the Petite Pass (huge Grouper and lots of fish).

Read more at Exploring the Gulf of Tadjourah and Ghoubet al Khareb.

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