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Cruising Equipment - What's your most valuable list?

By Sue Richards last modified Jan 26, 2017 04:38 PM

Published: 2016-01-20 00:00:00
Topics: Cruising Information

What equipment could you simply not do without? Please send noonsite your list, or link to your blog article on this subject.

15 Years of Liveaboard Cruising - What Equipment Works
The Hacking family have a very detailed "Equipment" section on their website covering all the equipment they have installed on their yacht for Pacific and Indian Ocean cruising. So far the following equipment is detailed: LEDs, AIS, 3G Modems, Solar Panels, Anchors, Watermakers, Saildrives and Epoxy Work.

Our most valuable cruising equipment
Mid-circumnavigation and after many years of cruising, SV Totem list their most important pieces of cruising gear.

Indian Ocean lookback: the best gear over ~7,000 miles
Sailing across the Indian Ocean put 6,901 miles under Totem's keel. This article summarises the equipment that stood out for this cruising family.

cruiser says:
Jan 25, 2017 08:39 PM

Force 4 dinghies.

These are the very popular New Zealand made RIB's with detachable inflatable collars. After 10 years the collar on mine was reaching the end of its usable life but when tried to replace it I was disappointed to discover that Force 4 no longer existed. I am pleased to say that Feral Inflatables in South Africa now make replacement collars and because of the slide on design they can be shipped any where in the world. They are of very high quality with thermo welded seams using the same PVC as the original. Currently only the 3.1m is readily available but other sizes can be made.

Contact Feral Inflatables +27 (0) 39 978 22 11 or website

I have no commercial involvement with the company just a satisfied customer.

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