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Sign up for the premier Crew Travel Insurance policy – Yachtsmans Gold by Topsail Insurance and get 5% off as a Noonsite member using the coupon code NOON.

UK and EU residents can find out more here: Topsail Insurance.

Australian residents can find out more here: Topsail Australia. Be sure to enter the NOON coupon code in the “How did you hear about us box”.

Currently unavailable for residents of the USA, Canada, Switzerland and South Africa, but check back soon as we are continually negotiating new deals for our members.



Sail Swag is a sailing-themed fashion accessory and lifestyle brand that is inspired by the love of the open water and a passion for sailing.Sail Swag Regatta Blue Small.regatta_blue_small-bracelet from Sail Swag

Noonsite has partnered with Sail Swag to give you 20% off any purchase over $25.00

Use the coupon code NOONSITE during checkout or follow this special link: SailSwag

Personally, we love the Blue Regatta themed bracelet. What’s your favorite?




Noonsite has partnered with Aquapac to bring you the best in waterproof cases and bags for just about everything you value. Trusted by professionals the world over like the US Navy, the London Fire Brigade and the Japan Coast Guard. Protect everything from your phone or camera to insulin pumps and handheld radios for 20% off.

Offer applies to all items in the store, even items already on sale!

To claim your discount follow this link for delivery to the USA and this link for the rest of the world. Be sure to enter the coupon code: noon18 during checkout.




For Noonsite members, BRNKL is offering a special discount of 15% on any purchase. Use the code NOON at checkout when visiting

For boaters who suffer from “boater’s anxiety” who need to know the health and status of their vessel – BRNKL by Barnacle Systems is a smart-home for your boat. By installing the BRNKL you can monitor the critical components of your boat, detect intrusion, or simply look inside with the onboard camera.

Whether you’re at the dock, at home, or half-way around the world you’re able to check-in on your vessel’s bilge activity, shore power connection, battery status, and much more giving you peace of mind knowing that your boat is safe and secure.




The BRNKL includes the following features:

Built-In Monitoring:

  • GPS tracking with geo-fence alerts
  • Camera
  • Motion Sensor
  • Impact Sensor
  • Temperature, humidity and barometric pressure sensor

Connect to existing systems to monitor:

  • Up to 4 Batteries
  • Bilge Activity
  • Shore power
  • Up to 4 digital inputs such as doors/windows and high water switches
  • Trigger 2 outputs to turn on sirens, lights, or other devices.

Visit today to get rid of your “boater’s anxiety” and turn your boat into a secure, smart boat. Remember to use the coupon code NOON at the checkout to get 15% off.




Noonsite members can grab an exclusive offer from The Bamboo Brush Society, the world’s leading maker of bamboo toothbrushes. Get 20% off the highest quality, environmentally friendly toothbrushes on any purchase totaling at least 14 Euro (4 toothbrushes).

Do your part for cleaner oceans and brighter smiles today by using a recyclable, biodegradable toothbrush. Say no to plastic and yes to cleaner oceans just by brushing your teeth!

Use the coupon code NOON20 during checkout to get 20% off on any purchase of 14 Euro or more (4 or more toothbrushes) with The Bamboo Brush Society.




Noonsite members can grab an exclusive offer from Water-to-Go the world’s leader in on-the-go water filtration. Get 15% off any order through the Water-to-Go website.

What makes Water-to-Go different? Their BPA free water bottles use a Unique 3in1 Filter Technology based on technology originally developed for NASA that removes over 99.9% of all microbiological contaminants in water.

Confidently drink from any non-salt water source including taps, standpipes, rainwater and streams ensuring you can fill up no matter where you are.

Each bottle is good for 130 or 200 litres of purified water, the equivalent of 260 or 400 single-use plastic water bottles!

Check-out the amazing testimonials from Water-to-Go users who have used it trekking through Africa, India, the Amazon and more.

Visit Water-to-Go and be sure to use the coupon code NOON during checkout to get a 15% discount on any order.



Noonsite members can grab an exclusive offer from MOBlifesavers. Get 10% off this innovative answer to MOB emergencies with this low-cost attachment for lifejackets. The MOB lifesaver is approved by leading lifejacket manufacturers including brands like Crewsaver, Baltic, Spinlock and Ocean Safety Kru Sport.

To find out more watch this video of the MOB lifesaver in action or visit the website.

To get your MOB lifesavers kit visit Look for the “Noonsite Members” page. When asked for a password enter: Slocum .  Be sure to enter the coupon code NOON during checkout to get 10% off today.



Noonsite members get 15% of the full RRP on any Gill Marine Clothing or Accessories purchased through the Gill Marine Online Store. To get your 15% discount visit the Gill Marine website and enter the coupon code WCC18 during checkout.



Save as much as $100 off the purchase of a Series Drogue with this special offer for Noonsite members. This simple to deploy device, originally developed by Don Jordan and tested by the USCG, is intended to perform 2 separate functions:

1) To prevent the capsize of monohull and multihull sailboats in the event of a large breaking wave strike.

2) To improve the motion of the boat in storm waves and to reduce drift

Watch this video from Oceanbrake of the Don Jordan Series Drogue in action or visit their website to find out more. To look at the science behind the series drogue read the designer notes.

Noonsite members receive $50 discount on small series drogues, $75 on medium and $100 on large series drogues. To find out which size is the best fit for your boat request a quote from Oceanbrake. Be sure to enter the coupon code NOON in the quotation form to save as much as $100 on your purchase of a Series Drogue from



Health Is International

Noonsite is excited to bring a special offer to US residents with International Health Insurance Solutions, a provider of international health insurance for your rallies, sailing adventures and crew positions. To take advantage of this offer visit and look under “SAILORS & CREW” for “World Cruising Club – OceanCrewLink – Noonsite.

The page is password protected as the offer is exclusive to members of the World Cruising Club Family. Enter the password SailAway (case-sensitive) to gain access and get insured today!

Alternatively, if you prefer to speak to someone from Health Is International directly you can call on:

  • Phone: (858) 750-9080 or
  • Toll-Free (within the US): (888) 750-1070

and ask for Arno Chrispeels. Be sure to mention you are a member of Noonsite!



Noonsite members get a 15% discount on the See-Lock security enhancement for hatches.

Leaving your vessel unattended, with hatches left open, is an invitation to opportunist thieves. But not any more with the See-Lock system fitted. The See-Lock security system is fitted in seconds to most marine hatches and offers a greatly enhanced deterrent to would be marine thieves.

Visit and use the coupon code WCC to claim your discount today.



yachtflags_logo has an exciting new offer for Noonsite members. High Quality courtesy flags that are manufactured in durable Knitted Polyester fabric. Knitted so that the fabric itself does not deteriorate in the constant movement that marine flags are usually exposed to, and polyester so that the flag does not weaken in the strong UV-light usually found in the main sailing areas of the world.

Visit and use the coupon code NOONSITE_5A2B to get 10% off today.