Cruising Resources: Cruising Permits

In some countries, cruising boats are subjected to special regulations or restrictions concerning their movement.

In most places if a cruising permit or transit log is required, it is issued at the first port of entry, so it is not necessary to make any preparations in advance. Any restrictions on the freedom of movement of yachts which do not require a cruising permit to be obtained in advance are discussed on that country’s Noonsite page.

It is most important to know the particular requirements of those permits which must be applied for before arrival, so as to make the correct preparations.

The regulations pertaining to at least three such countries, Indonesia, Palau and the Galapagos Islands, have been causing great confusion among cruising sailors for years and their Noonsite pages are regularly updated. The USA also has some onerous restrictions for foreign yachts.

There are various reasons why restrictions on cruising boats are imposed, the main reasons being the protection of remote communities from intrusion, the preservation of natural parks and reserves, or the wish of authorities to keep foreign sailors away from sensitive military areas.

Restrictions are also increasingly imposed on genuine cruising boats because of illegal chartering.

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