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Noonsite Advertising Opportunities

By NoneNone last modified Jul 08, 2013 02:02 PM

Please use the form below to search for your Business.

Note: You can enter wildcards such as 'rig*' to find 'rig', 'rigs', 'rigging' etc.

Business Search

If you can't find your Business, please add it here.

Detailed Instructions expand

  • Multiple wildcards: Use an asterisk to signify zero or more letters. For example, 'rig*' matches 'rig', 'rigs' and 'rigging'.
  • Single wildcards: Use a question mark to signify one letter. For example, 'ro?e' matches 'rope', 'rote' and 'role'.
  • And: Using 'and' signifies that both terms must exist. For example, 'rome and tuesday' will return only a result with both those words in the content.
  • Or: Using 'or' signifies that either term can exist. For example, 'rome or tuesday' will return a result if either of those words are in the content.
  • Not: Using 'not' returns results where the term isn't present. For example, 'welcome and not page' would return matches for pages that contain 'welcome', but not 'page'.
  • Phrases: You can group phrases with double quotes (") and signify several words one after the other. For example: "welcome page" matches 'This is the welcome page', but not 'Welcome to the front page'.
  • Not phrase: You can specify a phrase with a minus (-) prefix. For example, 'welcome -"welcome page"' matches all pages with 'welcome' in them, but not ones that match the phrase 'welcome page'.