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Honduras: Doublehanders Boarded and Robbed by Pirates

By Val Ellis last modified Jun 14, 2012 01:37 PM

Published: 2012-06-14 13:37:42
Countries: Panama , Guatemala , Honduras

On Saturday 2nd June, an American husband and wife team were quietly sailing off the coast of Honduras, bound for Utila, when their boat was boarded and they were subjected to a terrifying ordeal.

Below is a very brief summary. The full details of the incident are included in a letter sent by Michael Feldman to the U.S Ambassador in Honduras. Click here to see the text of the letter.

At 8.30 that morning they were approached by two young men in a 20ft boat asking for gasoline. Ignoring requests to keep away, one of the men produced a gun. The men boarded the boat and the crew decided that their safest course of action was to offer no resistance. One man threatened Michael’s wife with the gun and the other brandished a machete at Michael as the attackers demanded ‘mooney, mooney’. One of them searched the cabin and collected all the money and valuables he could find, even taking the wedding rings off their fingers. In addition, the pirates added to their haul by taking the rolled up dinghy, oars, fishing gear and other miscellaneous items.

All this time Michael’s wife had a gun pressed to her neck and was threatened with death if they did not co-operate.

Having secured their haul, the two young men then motored away in the direction of Puerto Escondito.

A VHF channel 16 call to the Honduras Coast Guard resulted in instructions for them to sail to Puerto Cortes where they were met by officials.

This is a frightening incident and cruisers should take all precautions when sailing this route to Rio Dulce.