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Turkey: First-Hand Experience of Obtaining a Residence Permit Visa

By Val Ellis last modified Jun 07, 2012 11:15 AM

Published: 2012-06-07 11:15:17
Countries: Turkey

June 2nd 2012

Our thanks to Bill & Judy Rouse of SV BeBe for this link to their website with information on their first-hand experience of obtaining a Residence Permit Visa under the newly introduced system.

Further Information added 7th June 2012

We were in Turkey yesterday (travelling by silver bird) and folk are obtaining residency permits using just their transit logs and their passports to obtain them. You can do the whole thing in just one day. The price seems to be (currently) about E60 per year of residency, but of course you can only obtain the number of years covered by the validity of your passport. Some people are buying the maximum straight away as once you have a residency permit it cannot be taken away, and who knows what changes will be made later in the year!!

This news, plus the current relaxing of the Blue cards for black waste means Turkey is not in fact becoming the problem for cruisers it was thought earlier in the year.

Our thanks to Suzie Ohagan for this extra incormation.