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An Update to Clearing in with pets in Vanuatu

By Val Ellis last modified Sep 14, 2011 09:30 AM

Published: 2011-09-14 09:30:17
Countries: Vanuatu

A useful contact if clearing into Vanuatu with your pet, is Roger Phillips (see contact details below).

He is a very nice man, and the best person make an appointment with to clear in your pet in Port Villa. Make sure you let him and other the officials know your pet will stay on board until you've cleared it in with Roger Philips.

He will charge vt3,000 ($35) and check the pet’s vaccinations and certificates. He didn't ask for anything specific and he seemed more interested in my dog’s health (whether she looked healthy) than the paperwork. The whole thing lasted 15 minutes. He will then issue a letter allowing your pet to disembark. He is be willing to email this letter to you if you do not want to wait in Port Villa for it.

No matter what port you clear into, you should let them know you have a pet and you have been in touch with Roger Phillips.

Of all the countries we have sailed into with our four legged friend, Vanuatu was the most pleasant and least stressful.

Roger Phillips BVSc.
Senior Veterinary Officer (South)
Department of Livestock & Quarantine
Port Vila, VANUATU
Tel: 678 23519, 678 7751353
Fax: 678 23185

Our thanks to Veronique Bardach for this information.