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Acquiring Parts in Panama

By Val Ellis last modified Mar 10, 2011 01:08 PM

Published: 2011-03-10 13:08:47
Countries: Panama

Most yacht and engine parts can be purchased thru Marine Warehouse either in Panama City (Tel: 507-6702-9256, Email or in with Bocas Marina in Bocas del Toro (Tel: 507-757-9800, email

You can get items from West Marine or specialty items from a specific vendor such as engine parts. Typically, you obtain the item number, description, and quantity of the items desired. You cannot have Marine Warehouse order parts from other marine distributors such as Defender because they are competitors.

Once you have your wish list, call or visit Arturo or Bocas Marina and relay the details. They will then send this info to the Miami headquarters who will then return a quote within a couple of days. After you approve the quote and give credit card details, the order is placed.

You have two delivery options; shipping by sea or FedEx. OCFR (ocean freight) is very economical and the only way to get flamable and heavy items (ie., chain, batteries, or spray cans) into Panama. Expect up to 5 weeks for OCFR deliveries after you order. Use FedEx if you need the stuff in a hurry (about 8 to 10 days) but it'll cost more. Marine Warehouse deals with all customs and delivery details and your items will arrive to you in Panama City or Bocas del Toro. All associated costs are noted on their quote. Typically Marine Warehouse will not accept nor ship items not purchase thru them.

We on Paradiso use Marine Warehouse almost exclusively because they are reliable and responsive.

Dana LeTourneau