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New 1% Tax in Venezuela - Not for Visiting Yachts

By Val Ellis last modified Sep 25, 2009 09:43 AM

Published: 2009-09-25 09:43:43
Countries: Venezuela

Please Note, that following the posting of this news article on 21 September noonsite has heard from 2 cruisers stating that at Bahia Redonda and PLC all foreign yachts are being held against their will and not allowed to leave, waiting for the Seniat's decision. Noonsite is investigating.

The report originally posted about this tax wrongly stated that it applied to foreign boats entering Venezuela. However, a report received today from Bahia Redonda Marina in Puerto La Cruz, confirms that this is not the case:-

(There have been) a lot of rumors and comments about this issue during the last week but finally (and fortunately) today we have had good news from the SENIAT´s Manager (SENIAT = local Tax Office):

• Foreign boats belonging to foreign citizens (or boats in transit) WILL NOT PAY THE NEW 1% TAX and may stay in Venezuela up to 18 months, but of course, renewing the Stay Permit each six months as always. The cost of the procedure for getting the stay permit is still the same: about 40 -50 US$ if it is made by yourself and 60 -70 US$ if you make it through a local dealer.

• The 1% Tax is going to be applied only to foreign boats which belong to Venezuelan people and it will be caculated on the basis of how much the boat is worth according to the boat´s insuarance policy.

So foreign tourists may keep bringing their boats to Venezuela and stay here up to 18 months without paying any new taxes.

We would appreciate so much if you can help us to spread this good news among the boating community in the Caribbean.

Carlos Vázquez C.
General Manager

Our thanks to Karen & Matt of S/V Where ii for passing this e-mail on to noonsite.

This is also verified by Christer Isaksson
I have my yacht in Venezuela and I can inform all of you that the info about 1% tax to visiting yachts is a total missunderstanding. This tax is only for Venezuelians who import a yacht and does not concern any visiting yachts at all.
Christer Isaksson
S/Y Frida