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Spanish Waters - Useful Info.

By Val Ellis last modified Nov 03, 2009 08:49 PM

Published: 2009-11-03 20:49:22
Countries: Bonaire , Curacao

Published 3 September 2009

We arrived from Bonaire via Kline Curacao. We spent 4 days on the island. While there we noted that the Coast Guard patrolled the area once a day by helicopter. Upon arrival, we were asked by semi official looking individuals to moor on one of the old metal drums (we counted 4 moorings in total). After three days we found one of our mooring lines almost completely worn through. Friends who had also moored on a drum but used their on line at the base, had a tangled mess which they had to cut their way out of. Although the anchorage can get extremely bouncy at times and the mooring situation is a little tricky, it is well worth the visit.

Two days after our arrival in Spanish Waters, Curacao, we were boarded by the local Coast Guard. Several boats who were not in the designated mooring area in Spanish Water Bay (because of over crowding), like us, were boarded. We were thankful we had checked in that morning and therefore had all our papers in order (immigrations, port authority and customs). Still, the Coast Guards (4 in total) proceeded to check our boat, randomly opening floor boards, closets and even checked under the beds. Surprisingly, they new we had been to Kline Curacao and mentioned the need for a permit to be on the island. They were polite, courteous and did not fine us for not having a permit while moored on Kline Curacao.

Veronique aboard Catamaran VERITE