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Australia Visas

By Val Ellis last modified Jan 30, 2009 07:19 PM

Published: 2009-01-30 19:19:27
Countries: Australia

New Rules as of August 2008

Anyone wanting a tourist visa, to stay longer than 3 months in Australia, AND, who has been in any one Pacific Island nation (NZ excluded) in the last 5 years for more than 3 months, must get a chest x-ray. The fear is TB. The problem for transient cruisers, is that if there are problems found and further tests are required, these must be done with the same doctor. Test results don’t happen quickly in the Pacific Islands!

Applicants are given 28 days to provide the information required for a visa, and if they fail to do so forfeit the application fee of $AUD 100. So be sure to stay in touch and don’t sail off to some remote island thinking all if fine with your application.

The Australian 3 month visa doesn’t require an x-ray – no matter where you’ve been.

Advice from cruisers, is to obtain a chest x-ray prior to making your visa application (if wanting to stay more than 3 months in Australia). If then abnormalities are found with the x-ray you can apply for a quick 3 month visa, and deal with extending it once you are there.

Extract from the Seven Seas Cruising Association Bulletin.