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Avoid Luperon DR letter is Erroneous

By Val Ellis last modified Feb 28, 2008 12:18 PM

Published: 2008-02-28 12:18:44
Countries: Dominican Republic

The Charges for clearance into the Dominican Republic as listed in the Ocean World, website show the exact same fees as in Luperon, D.R. There is no difference! But the Ocean World Marina lists a USD $20 fee as "concierge fee" for clearances. That makes Ocean World more expensive than Luperon. The exit fee for the Navy is shown as USD $20 - exactly what the Commandant in Luperon asks for. If you consider the small gratuties that you give your handler in Luperon as adding up to $20 (which is being awful generous) then you still have the overall total being the same. Neither harbor is more or less expensive than the other.

However, being tied up to a marina and being able to visit only one office might be an advantage over waiting onboard your boat in Luperon harbor for a Navy inspector to come out and then the Port Officals, etc. - - maybe not? Also consider the "surge problem" that exists in Ocean World marina that is not present in the protected Luperon Harbor.

Jim Graham