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Lisbon: Marina Parque das Naçoes - Cruisers Impressions

By Sue Richards last modified Aug 09, 2012 08:16 AM

Published: 2012-08-09 08:16:38
Countries: Portugal

Marina do Parque das Naçoes is a brand new, clean marina with a friendly and helpful staff. The Marina is on the southern basin, and not in the northern one as some charts may suggest.

When approaching the breakwater you see a red and white stick on the outer wall and a green and white one on the inner one. Turn into the small canal and go through the locks (sluices) which are open during the day, but closed during night time (early morning opening on demand). Before entering call on VHF 09 and the harbourmaster will pick you up in his dinghy and guide you to your catway. There is plenty of space as every second pier is not yet built.

The marina is situated at the World Expo Site of 1998 and is part of a new neighbourhood that looks like the dream for every urban planner, starting from scratch. There are dozens of bars, restaurants, and small shops. A large shopping mall is about a 2 km walk. You can take buses to and from the mall which is also close to a train station (Estacio Oriente). Buses connect the marina also with the city center. The Marina is 5min taxi trip from the international airport.

The marina is very quiet at night and you can expect a light breeze during hot summer days.

Thomas Ruest
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