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San Blas Cruising Only - Returning by air to the USA

By Sue Richards last modified May 10, 2012 08:32 PM

Published: 2012-05-10 20:32:19
Countries: Panama

Panama Immigration January 2012

This is the summary of my trip to the USA from the San Blas Islands, having checked into the country only in Porvenir on December 15th 2011:

Picked up the SUV at the Carti dock and was subject to a full luggage inspection and passport check by the Frontier Police soon after leaving. No other events occured on the trip to suggest any concern about boaters and immigration. I went through the immigration check during my departure at the airport and even though the office took note of an expired Marino Stamp from Colon, purchased in 2010, no questions or delays were encountered.

On my return trip 3 weeks later from the USA I passed through immigration at the airport in Panama City and the only question I was asked was how long I intended to stay in Panama. I answered 6 months or the max and I was given 6 months in the country.

On the way back on the Carti Road at the Frontier Police check point a question was asked of our driver, as to where I was going and he told them, I was returning to my boat. No additional questions or requests for additional documents were made by the inspecting officer.

Michael Rosner