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Mallorca, Port Soller: Crackdown on Anchoring - Update

By Sue Richards last modified May 14, 2012 11:13 AM

Published: 2012-05-14 11:13:35
Countries: Spain

Update Posted 14 May, 2012

Following feedback from the cruising community in Mallorca, it appears the Costas (coastal police) in Soller have applied a long standing piece of legislation which forbids anchoring within 200m of any beaches used for bathing. Legislation also allows for buoys to be laid to mark out bathing areas forbidden to boats, and also allowing passages to be marked which allow power boat access to the beach. This over-rides the 200m rule. Where this is so, bathers are meant to keep out of areas permitted to boats.

Similar rules do apply in other countries, for example in Greece.

Apparently the town Mayor strongly objects to this view, and is advising people told of the fine not to pay until differences have been sorted out.

Hopefully this is just a local matter, restricted to Soller.

Original Post 9 May, 2012

The Mallorca Daily Bulletin reports that most of the Port of Soller, in particular boat owners and the yachting industry, remain confused over recent moves by the Costas coastal police to stop yachts from mooring off and dropping anchor out in the Bay of Soller.

Puerto de Soller is the only protected anchorage along the Western coast of Mallorca. The IB Marina here is poor, often full, exposed to waves abeam, has no electricity or water for visitors and has a shortage of serviceable sternlines. Therefore many rely on anchoring out or renting a mooring buoy.

Reports are that a number of boat owners are already facing fines of up to 3,000 euros and many are worried about putting their boats in the water for the season.

Local news report that all the relevant coastal authorities in Soller are claiming they know nothing about what is going on, however it does appear that the mayor wants to enforce a restriction on how close yachts can moor to the coast. The new limit is going to apparently be 200 metres, which will mean some of the smaller yachts (according to port sources) will be forced to moor out near the mouth of the bay where there is little protection.

The latest posts on the YBW forums indicate that visiting cruisers are anchoring without problems and apparently the issue is with illegally laid moorings.

More information when we have it.