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Punta Cana: Cap Cana Marina Update

By Sue Richards last modified Apr 23, 2012 01:51 PM

Published: 2012-04-23 13:51:08
Countries: Dominican Republic


Some electronic charts (e.g. Navionics) show no detail of this marina and its entrance. They boast a Pilot service - if visibility or conditions are poor insist on it - Ch 16 or 72.

The buoyed channel can be difficult to see at first and it has been moved to 18 29.83N 068 22.1W. The buoys from the original channel slightly to the north were never removed and some have dragged leaving a confusing array of buoys to the north of the present channel.


This marina was designed for large sport fishing boats, not yachts. Many of the berths are alongside walls, all of which have an overhang at the top and tough vertical fendering (suitable for trawlers and tugs) which is too far apart for an average fender board - so your fender board will be pinned against one place only. Cleats on the walls are a long distance apart - you will need dock lines 12 metres long.

Marina docks are fixed (ie not floating) and are high. Fendering again takes planning but the helpful staff will assist. Try to speak to Domingo (berthing master) as you check in - he knows yachts and will be of a great help.


It is a useful place to clear in and out as the marina organise everything. Clearing in is done at the fuel dock. If you do not have balloon fenders get everything else rigged before you come in as the officials will not wait for you.

The marina website publishes the current fees payable - have the correct money in US$ as they will not give change. In addition expect to give a "present" of $20 to the last person off - there may be eight of them in all. They will not remove their shoes.


This is an upscale billion dollar (unfinished) development with expensive condos and a couple of good restaurants at the marina. The laundry is 10 minutes away by golf cart and came out of the third world. It is frequently being used by boat boys and security guards. The only showers are next door to the laundry, are unisex and in a poorer state than the laundry.

There is a small but expensive deli on site. A round trip to the supermarket will cost you $60.

Anthony Swanston
sv Wild Fox