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Sailing to Kosrae 2012

By Sue Richards last modified Jan 16, 2012 02:50 PM

Published: 2012-01-16 14:50:53
Countries: Federated States of Micronesia

KOSRHAE 5.3 N 163 E
SV Little Qwin
Aleksandre Soukharev
January 2012

Most of the sailing boats for the winter go to New Zealand and Australia. Leaving Fiji and moving between 176E and 177E we are raised to the equator at the N hoping to visit the atoll Abemama (Kiribati). We sailed 1120 miles, 25 miles from the island wind and currents have pushed us out of the land. Turning the course we changed direction to Micronesia, 750 miles to the island of Kosrae. Squally strong wind and currents and big waves.

By the rules necessary make previously application to visit Micronesia. But unplanned arrival its clearance procedure is quite easy.

The quarantine office visits boats (fee 25$). For 3 months navigation permit, Immigration sends application to Pohenpei (it will be done in two days).

On the Kosrae island a great selection of local fruits and vegetables. Prices are recent able.

Convenient secure anchorage in the port of Lelu. Drinking rainwater available. The dingy possible leave fronts the fishing market of Mike’s family or Smith's family at the pier. Smith is a manager of the “Ace Hardware” store. You can buy materials to repair the yacht. (More than 35 thousand items of goods). During 35 years Smith's family has a book of yacht visitors of Kosrae Island.

The local people are very kind and friendly.

Kosrae also has a great historical interest: Menka ruins, Lelu ruins residence of kings, Japanese caves of Second World War… Rain forest and waterfalls The Kosrae is also called the garden island of Micronesia. The second official name of the island's "Sleeping lady".