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New Fees for Formalities in Colombia

By Sue Richards last modified Nov 20, 2011 09:49 PM

Published: 2011-11-20 21:49:54
Countries: Colombia

Our thanks once again to Hans-Martin Fruergaard of S/Y Sea Sprite (Club Nautico, Cartagena) for keeping us updated with the latest charges for visiting yachts.

The following charges seem to be in practice since October 2011 in Cartagena:

  1. Agency Fee for check in and out (if staying less than 60 days): US$90.
    2. Cruising Certificate (for the period 8 days until 2 Months): US$85
    3. Second Cruising Certificate (for the period 2 Months to 10 Months): US$85
    4. Import certificate of vessel (valid 12 Months): US$30

Additional charges
Monthly Immigration fee (renewal of crew member's entry permit): US$40 per Passport.

Note: Above charges will normally be claimed by the agent according a mutual agreement. Remaining charges must be regulated before the issue of an outbound Zarpe.

  • Maximum stay for most nationalities is still limited to 6 Months.
  • According Colombian regulations an agent is required to perform all paperwork with the Port Captain's office.
  • The cruising certificate, issued by the Port Captain in Cartagena, only really allows access to this area and the Rosario Islands.
  • The fees mentioned are definitely charged in Cartagena, but other cruisers checking in at Santa Marta told me similar fees are common; but I have not been in Santa Marta with "Sea Sprite" myself. The fees at other ports in Colombia are unknown to me at the present time.


Vessel staying less than 8 Days: US$90

Vessel staying longer than 8 Days but less than 2 Months: US$205

Vessel staying longer than 2 Months: US$290 + US$40 (Monthly Immigration fee per passport).

Other Developments in Cartagena

A positive point of view is the decrease of dingy thefts in the Bay of Cartagena. One major reason for the improved situation is changes in the manpower of the Coast Guard as well as organized crimes are now better controlled. Furthermore have the awareness of possible dingy thefts been distributed fast and correctly to all visiting cruisers by the internal VHF network on channel 68 (Monday to Saturday at 8 am).

Concerning the construction area of Club Nautico, nothing has changed due to political reasons. The situation might improve when the new mayor together with his staff seats the office after 01 January 2012. In the meantime a major repair of the docks has been initiated and expected to be completed at the end of this year. The charges using the marina are still the same - 55 Cents per feet plus an additional fee of metered electricity and water (approximately $ 5.00 per day). If using the anchorage area the fees at Club Nautico for use of water and dingy dock are $ 20.00 per week. There are no information given concerning any changes to these fees if and when the constructions will be finished.

Cartagena is a beautiful city to explore and visit and personally I have now been here since November 2004. The general price level for groceries has been increased by 50%, which might be considered as normal for the area, during my 7 years in Cartagena. The People, the Cartagena and Colombia has so much to offer a visiting tourist so if you come expect to stay here much longer than initially planned.

s/v Sea Sprite