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Palmeira, Sal - Details of New Breakwater & Deep Water Channel

By Sue Richards last modified Nov 08, 2011 01:34 PM

Published: 2011-11-08 13:34:23
Countries: Cape Verdes

The extension to the breakwater is now complete. This is a straight extension of the existing breakwater.

A new light is established at the end of the jetty as follows:

Red and White horizontal stripes, approx 40 feet elevation, Fl(2)R5s, approx 25 feet NW from the end of the breakwater.

Outer, south east end of the breakwater 16º45'·157N, 022º58'·898W

A new deep water channel is established with the following buoyage:

Stbd marks, green conical:
No1 16º44'·864N, 022º58'·861W FlG5s
No3 16º44'·985N, 022º58'·798W Fl(2)G5s
No5 16º45'·118N, 022º58'·801W Fl(3)G5s
No7 16º45'·242N, 022º58'·851W Fl(4)R10s

Fairway Buoy (Port), RWVert, Spherical Topmark No2 16º44'·826N, 022º59'·034W QkFl+Fl5s

Port Mark, red can No4 16º45'·115N, 022º58'·876W FlR4s

Please note that as of today (October 22nd 2011) ALL NEW LIGHTS WORK!!

The tanker buoys are still in place and the Harbourmaster reports that they are still in use, although the lights do not work. The pick up buoy is also still in place.

The wreck reported in the center of the anchorage is still there, along with a clearly visable trawler on its side in the very NW corner of the harbour.

The Harbourmaster reports that the corrections are forwarded to the Portugese Hydrographer, but a new chart won't be published until another jetty is built outside the existing one in a few years time.

Adrian & Sam Wood
S/Y Blue Moon