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Puerto Lucia - Finding an Agent

By Sue Richards last modified Nov 07, 2011 11:54 AM

Published: 2011-11-07 11:54:15
Countries: Ecuador

Cruisers intending to visit Ecuador, and Puerto Lucia, may have heard and read some bad stories about agents used by yachtsmen to check in there.

Galo Ortiz, manager of Puerto Lucia, outlines the rules and regulations and details of charges that visiting yachts are expected to pay to complete formalities on arrival and on departure from the marina.

"The Ecuadorian maritime law before May 2011 did apply to any type vessel: tourist sailboat, yachts, cargo ships, etc.

Since May 2011 the regulation is clear: a foreign tourist sailboat can remain in Ecuador up to a year, if the main purpose is tourism.

We have lobbied very aggressively to have the new regulation approved. We have not succeeded on the Agent issue. An Agency is still required to clear Ecuador.

In this jurisdiction there are many Agencies who attend international ships. But only one Agency is interested servicing tourist vessels entering Ecuador in this jurisdiction. You are not legally obligated to hire any particular agency, and when you arrive to Ecuador, you may contact and hire any other local agency. All agencies except one, work with large ships, and their rates are quite high.

The payment and dealing with the agency is direct between the boat owner and the agent. The average present cost is US$250 for the Agency, plus additional fees for immigration and customs, for an average total cost of around US$370. I must emphasize, Puerto Lucia does not intervene on this transaction, charges or commissions for this service.

I strongly suggest yachts intending to visit send an email to the agent Mr. Roque Proaño requesting a quote:

You may also search internet for other agencies.

We provide electrical grounded switch boxes on the wall, 110 and 220 VAC, for optional electric hookups. For you and your boat safety, and due to the complexity of the different boat electric layouts, amps, voltage and neutral connections, you may do your own electric hookup or hire a local qualified electrician, if you require this service.

Fuel: We are an authorized oficial maritime fuel distribution center for local and international boats. The local fishing and tourist boats can purchase diesel at government subsidized price. International boats must pay the government strictly regulated price of $5.15/US Gallon (varies every week). It is against Ecuadorian law to use subsidized fuel in a foreign boat".

Galo Ortiz